Wellness tips with Soak Society


Soak Society was born in 2014 in a small apartment in New Farm, Brisbane. Founder Natalie wanted to share her love of soaking with the world, and begin to make baths cool again. Out with brightly coloured bath salt crystals and bombs, and in with beautiful wellness soaks made from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients.

Now based on the Sunshine Coast, Soak Society is still all about natural beauty and wellness (because putting chemicals on your body is the WORST), but is also wanting to be the catalyst for modern 'me-time'. 

It's time to reclaim that bathroom, fill the tub, lock the door, grab your favourite read, light a candle and soak. We love to soak, and you will too.

Top 5 Summer Wellness Tips with Natalie, Founder of Soak Society

1. Some people might say baths are only for the cooler months - not us! (We even wrote a whole guide on Summer Soaking). With all the overindulgence that happens at this time of year, regular detox soaks should be an important part of your wellness routine. With zesty lime, lemon myrtle and jasmine, our new Noosa Wellness Soak is the perfect way to feel cool, refreshed and can assist with sunburned and itchy skin.

2. It can be so easy to say yes to every alcoholic drink that gets offered in your direction. A champagne here, a beer there - they all add up and can put a huge stress on your liver! A herbal tonic that supports your liver can be a great way to support it over these months. My personal tip? Ask for half-strength drinks. Or if I’m making my own, I’ll have a tonic water with only a small splash of gin!

3. Get into the habit of using a BB cream tinted moisturizer that contains an SPF. There are so many great natural and organic toxin-free products available now that make it easy to protect your face from rays. I use any extra moisturiser on the tops of my hands because they always get forgotten about!

4. Hydration. The most important thing in your beauty routine - and often the most neglected. If you’re dehydrated your skin will let you know! Buy a water bottle that keeps your drink cold in even a hot car, and make sure you’re never without. I’ve started bringing a separate bottle with sparkling water from my Sodastream to make it more exciting. Or try adding slices of lemon or lime to your water, or making an iced beauty tea, and think about how great your skin will look when it’s well hydrated!

5. Find some ‘me-time’ to reflect on your achievements and write down your goals for 2017. If you can, try to have a few days without social media to really disconnect - because this is when you will start to dream and be creative and when those lightbulb moments will appear. I usually spend the Christmas/New Year break catching up on the books I wanted to read throughout the year but didn’t have time to! You’ll be motivated and inspired for the year ahead and feeling refreshed.


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Hayley Rogerson