SS17 Fettle Girl — Kate McCarthy


Kate is a gun AFL player and has recently been signed with Brisbane Lions for the inaugural AFL Women's Competition starting in February 2017.  Read on and find out a little more about Kate, the competition and why it's a great initiative for not just females playing AFL but all female athletes.

We sat down with Kate to ask her a few questions.


Fettle: What position do you play?

Kate: I am an outside midfielder, so I like to receive the ball in a little bit more space and have a bounce or two before delivering it to our forward line.


Fettle: What is your ‘day job’?

Kate: I am a secondary education teacher, teaching Mathematics and HPE.


Fettle: What does it mean to you to be involved in the inaugural competition?

Kate: It means a lot and is extremely exciting to be involved in something that has never been done before. To think that what we do next year paves the way for the future is quite a big deal. Personally, I am glad that young girls playing AFL now have a pathway similar to young boys and can also aspire to be future AFL footballers.


Fettle: How will you fit in work and training?

Kate: Most girls have full-time work or study commitments so most of our training will be outside work hours. It will be difficult to juggle but by being organized and having a healthy balance I believe it will be achievable.


Fettle: What does this competition mean for women in sport?

Kate: This competition is only going to improve the profile of female athletes, not only female AFL players. The AFLW will give young girls someone to watch on TV that they look up to and want to grow to be like. They may eventually play alongside or against some of these players in the near future.


Fettle: What are your future goals in the sport?

Kate: A major goal would be for the Lion’s to win a premiership somewhere in the first few seasons of the competition. Personally, I would love to keep improving and become a consistent contributor in games for the club.


Fettle: Where would you like to see the women’s AFL competition in 5 years time?

Kate: At this stage there is only one game against each team, so 8 rounds of games. It would great if this could eventually grow to be a home and away fixture. The ultimate goal would be for the competition to mirror the Men’s AFL and Women were able to play curtain raisers for the Men’s game. I don’t believe this is an impossible feat if the Women’s game continues to grow as quickly as it has over the last few years. Imagine an AFLW grand final played before the men’s in front of 100, 000 fans at the G’.

Hayley Rogerson