SS16 Fettle Girl — Jemma Mi Mi


Take a sneak peek into a day in the life of Queensland Firebirds Netball Squad member Jemma Mi Mi. The Firebirds have won back to back National Netball series in 2015 and 2016.  Let’s hope Jemma can help them achieve 3!

A day in the life of 'Jemma Mi Mi' 

5AM: Rise and shine.

6AM: Head in for a gym session with the team.  I have an Up and Go and muesli bar before the session to give me some much need energy to train hard.

8AM: Out for breakfast with the team or head home to make myself.  Breakfast usually consists of eggs, toast and avo.  Plus I would never miss my morning coffee.

10AM – 3PM: This is my time to go to any appointments or get a few jobs done.  I cook dinner so it is ready for me to heat up when I get home from my night training session.  It is important that I take time to rest and try and have a nap in the middle of the day.  Lunch is normally left overs from dinner the night before (pasta, chicken stir fry, meat and vegetables etc.)  I then get ready for my afternoon training session.  Time flies.

4PM: Court training session with the team.  I snack on fruit, muesli and yoghurt after the court session.

6PM: Conditioning session with the team.

6:30PM: Pool recovery to prepare my body for the next day. 

7:30PM: Home for dinner.  Some favourites are: meat and veg, beef stroganoff, chicken stir fry, pasta, fish and salad.  I change it up quite a bit.  I do like to finish off with some sort of dessert, my favourite is chocolate brownie and ice cream.  YUM! 

9:30PM: Time for bed.  Need to rest up to do it all again tomorrow.

Hayley Rogerson