Peta's favourite add on's


Co-founder of Fettle, Peta Rogerson, shares her favourite add on's.

I have had a very rewarding sporting career, playing Touch Football for Australia for over 10 years.  During my time representing at this elite level I always prided myself on my peak physical fitness.  I believe this gave me longevity and the ability to play injury free at the highest level for as long as I did.

I would quite often find myself at the end of a session thinking to myself ‘that was a good session but I need to add on one more thing’. Does anyone else get that feeling?  Or am I just the strange one?  Anyway, here are a couple of great add on's I like to do at the end of a training session to feel completely satisfied.  Give one of them a go next time.

"Just one more."

5 minute burpee add on

  • Complete 5 burpees (yes full chest to the ground) every 30 seconds for 5 mins
  • This gives you a total of 50 burpees

4 minute pop squats add on

  • Complete pop squats for 30 seconds, have 30 seconds rest, repeat 4 times
  • This gives you a total of 2:00 minutes of pop squats, 2:00min recovery time
  • NOTE: a pop squat is when you do a squat with your legs together and then pop up off the ground and land with feet wider than shoulder width apart and do a squat….and continue.

Shuttle run add on

  • Mark out 20m and complete as many shuttle runs as you can in 1 minute
  • Have 1 minute rest
  • Go a second time and try and beat your score
Hayley Rogerson