Let's chat nutrition


There are so many components of our daily lives that impact on our overall health and wellbeing and we at Fettle believe nutrition is possibly the most influential. We have all enjoyed a relaxed festive season loaded with ‘treats’, so we thought we would have a chat with Amanda Isaacs to get us back on the right pathway to feeling in fine fettle.  

Amanda is a qualified Nutritionist and Dietitian who has had experience in private practice delivering advice on weight management, diabetes and food intolerance's.  We love her nutritional philosophy and no fuss advice.

Interview — with Amanda.

Fettle: What is your nutritional philosophy?

Amanda: Be sure you take time to enjoy your food (whatever it is), we are so blessed to have the quality of food we have here in Australia and to have it so accessible.  


Fettle: What are some simple tips to improve our nutritional health?


  1. Find your local farmers market - not only are you supporting our local farmers, but you are eating seasonal and fresh food.
  2. Keep meals simple - it doesn't need to be an elaborate Instagram worthy meal for it to be nutritious.
  3. Keep a food diary - whether you have it scribbled down in a note pad, or in your phone. It is a simple tool that will keep you on track, but you have to be honest!


Fettle: Do you have any non-negotiables when it comes to nutrition?


  1. Don't skip meals
  2. Use vegetables and salads as the main for lunch and dinner, garnish with proteins and healthy fats i.e. salad with grilled chicken and avocado
  3. Keep hydrated with water, find a good water bottle that holds around 800mL and aim to fill it up 3-4 times a day


Fettle: What are 3 things we would find in your fridge?

Amanda: Avocados, coconut water and eggs


Fettle: What do you do to stay in fine fettle?

Amanda: I move everyday - yoga, walking my dog, swimming.  It doesn't need to be vigorous to count.

Hayley Rogerson