SS18 Fettle Girl - Aroha Tulloch


How do amature female athletes manage work, training and health? Let us take you through a day in the life of our Fettle Girl, Aroha Tulloch.


A 'day in the life' of Aroha Tulloch

Rise and grind, usually the time I get ready for work and have my morning protein shake with banana (My favourite) 

I travel to work where I am the only female scaffolder, seems hard and different but I wouldn't have it any other way. The type of work that I do changes everyday some days are really tough while others aren't. Nutrition to me is really important, throughout the day I try to drink heaps of water and lunch for me usually consists of tuna or chicken in a wrap with salad and crackers. In between the day I snack on almonds and fruit.

Home from work light snack and time for a nap before training before training with the team.

Training, quick team talk before warm ups then we do some skill based drills followed by running though plays and a light scrimmage. 

Home time, get ready for bed and prepare work clothes for the next day, then have dinner chicken and rice with greens is usually my go too. 

All ready for bed and ready for the next day. 

Hayley Rogerson