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Paige Parker — Touch Football


Fettle Girl Collection 1 — Paige Parker 

Paige Running Shorts

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5 minutes with Paige

What sport are you involved in and how did you get involved?
Touch Football. I started playing due to my family already being involved in the sport.

What is your greatest achievement thus far in your sport?
Making the Open Mixed Australian team.

Take us through a typical training week?
Monday: Speed and power/ plyometrics in the morning and social Touch Football in the evening
Tuesday: AFL training
Wednesday: Club training
Thursday: Power, strength and hypertrophy training session
Friday: Club Touch Football game
Saturday: Cross training
Sunday: Fun Activity Time (Mountain Climb, Bike Ride etc.)

What are your future goals?
To make the Australian Women's Touch Football Team

Describe yourself in a sentence?
I'm just an average girl that loves sport, having a laugh, the outdoors and spending all my time in my active wear.

Who inspires you?
Peta Rogerson

What are 3 items we would find in your fridge/cupboard?
Chobani Yogurt, Chicken and Almonds.... Maybe a naughty treat.

What are 3 items we would find in your sports bag?
Zinc, lip balm and a water bottle.

How do you stay in your best ‘fettle’?
Getting the right amount of sleep, eating well and spending time with friends.

What do you look for in active wear?
Durability, flexibility and it has to look good!


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