Who are we?


Sisters and also best friends, we were born and raised on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The value of a healthy, active and outdoor lifestyle was instilled in us by our parents and we were encouraged to participate in every water and land based sport we could get our hands on. More than this, we were also taught that we could do or achieve anything regardless of whether we were male or female if we simply gave things a go. Thanks to this sound advice, through hard work and dedication, we have both gone on to represent Australia in our chosen sport and play on the international stage. The journey we took to reach the pinnacle of our sport has given us a “real life” education in health, work/life balance and the importance of creating a positive mental state. At Fettle we aim to pass on these values by educating, supporting and promoting the next generation of rising female athletes.

What does Fettle mean?


Fettle by definition means “state of condition” – health, fitness and form. We place equal importance on each element and believe all are essential to being healthy and ultimately happy. We believe your state of condition is a choice and we will continually challenge you to ‘choose your fettle’.

What can you expect from our designs?



As well as looking great, an enormous amount of effort has gone into designing active wear that is actually functional and comfortable. After 20 years of elite level training we understand a thing or two about functionality and what we need our active wear to withstand. Each garment has been specifically designed to be worn by females who lead an active lifestyle. In our range you can expect to see a lot of block neutral colours, carefully designed mesh inserts and minimal graphic work. Put simply, our designs are the type of active wear that we (and our friends) enjoy wearing.

Who is a Fettle Girl


Fettle Girls are those of us who have a love for the outdoors and a passion for sport and exercise. They also understand the importance of health and nutrition and that a busy lifestyle should no longer be used as an excuse to ignore these things. A Fettle Girl is not afraid of getting out there, competing and breaking down boundaries. Most importantly Fettle Girls believe that being a female does not define nor restrict what you can do as an athlete.

Why is this brand different?


Our own experiences in what it takes to reach the pinnacle in sport have taught us a tremendous amount. Sacrifice is not just a gimmicky word we use – we have lived it. We know what it’s like to be a female athlete at the top of her game - yet receive very little monetary or promotional rewards for the sports we pursue. We want to help change that. That’s why at Fettle each of our garments are named after a rising female athlete who will receive a portion of the sales to help them achieve their sporting dreams. We will also promote them by sharing their achievements and experiences with you. At the end of each range we will be on the search for the next group of “Fettle Girls” who we believe deserve sponsorship and promotion in their chosen sport.


We hope you love wearing Fettle garments as much as we do BUT more importantly we invite you to embrace our vision of choosing to live your life in fine fettle.