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Kate McCarthy — AFL


Fettle Girl Collection 1 — Kate McCarthy 

Kate Sport Bra

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5 minutes with Kate

What sport are you involved in and how did you get involved?
AFL. I went to a training session to get some extra fitness. After playing one game I fell completely in love with the sport.

What is your greatest achievement thus far in your sport?
I have recently been drafted in the Brisbane Lions team for the AFL's National Women's League for 2017.

Take us through a typical training week?
I have two team trainings with my club, Yeronga Devils, state academy training once a week, 3 gym sessions per week and finally 3 running/skills sessions. Games on a Saturday during the season.

What are your future goals?
Have a successful season for the Brisbane Lions in 2017.

Describe yourself in a sentence?
Someone who has worked hard to get where they are but has had a lot of fun on the way.

Who inspires you?
Kelly Cartwright, a woman who has conquered cancer, won multiple Paralympic medals and learnt to dance on national television and Daisy Pearce, the ultimate AFL footballer.

What are 3 items we would find in your fridge/cupboard?
Chobani yoghurt, coffee, protein balls.

What are 3 items we would find in your sports bag?
Football boots, trigger ball, compressions.

How do you stay in your best ‘fettle’?
I feel my best when I maintain a healthy balance of training, work and family life. I get the most out of my training and when I am fuelling my body with the correct foods.

What do you look for in active wear?
Comfort. Above all else, it must feel comfortable to wear!


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