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Jemma Mi Mi — Netball


Fettle Girl Collection 1 — Jemma Mi Mi 

Jemma Capri Leggings

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5 minutes with Jemma

What sport are you involved in and how did you get involved?
The sport I'm involved with is Netball. My mum got me involved from a young age and I haven't stopped playing since.

What is your greatest achievement thus far in your sport?
Recently being selected in the Queensland Firebirds team.

Take us through a typical training week?
A typical training week for me would include either 3 court sessions, 2 gym sessions and one day of match play.

What are your future goals?
My future goals are to continue making representative netball teams, grow as a netballer and finish my university degree.

Describe yourself in a sentence?
Someone who loves sport, being active and constantly eating.

Who inspires you?
So many team mates I have played netball with as they always make me push harder during games and trainings.

What are 3 items we would find in your fridge/cupboard?
Grapes, ice cream and eggs.

What are 3 items we would find in your sports bag?
A sweat towel, deodorant and a water bottle.

How do you stay in your best ‘fettle’?
I always make sure I look after myself with plenty of sleep and even though training is pretty hectic I like to put time aside to see my family and friends.

What do you look for in active wear?
Anything comfortable! I love training in baggy T-shirts.


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